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UPDATE ON LAUTECH MURDER: Police Recovers Calabash, Lady’s Panties in Seun’s Boyfriend’s Wardrobe

By   /  June 21, 2013  /  17 Comments

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lautech girl

Less than 24hrs ago, we brought you the story of a Lautech female undergraduate Oluwaseun Adaramoye who’s dead body was found behind a popular guest house at an area called Under G in Ogbomosho, it was observed that the victims’ body had already been mutilated as at the time of discovery.


We did report that the boyfriend was arrested last night been the prime suspect and taken to the police station for questioning.

It was also reported that she left home on friday to her boyfriend’s hostel with the intention of attending a party. Days after, the so called boyfriend reported to Seun’s roommates that she was missing for days before her corpse was later found at an uncompleted building behind JASTOK hotel sited at under G, ogbomosho. Hours after her dead body was found, the boyfriend took to his heels and made an attempt to abscond before he was nabbed and handed over to the Police.

PC can now confirm to you exclusively that the boyfriend’s room was searched today by men of the Nigerian Police force. During the 40mins search or thereabout, the police were able to recover several female underwears suspected to be Seun’s panties, they also found a locally made Calabash in his wardrobe.

The boyfriend who is also an Undergraduate of the same varsity once claimed during an initial interrogation that he had been out of Ogbomosho since Sunday which coincides with the day Seun got missing.

He has since been returned to the police station, more updates will come soon.

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  1. mariah says:

    You still have tears in your eyes? “Just had to say a few things before you finish closing me out of your lifet me. I opened my world up to you. I let you know things about me that people I have known for YEARS don’t know about me. “

  2. basil says:

    Is wat dey want to answering baby oku may her soul rest in peace

  3. crownfit says:

    U people should stop brodcasting wrong informations mehn……….am a ladokites. If you really want us to belive the pants and d calabash issue snap d guy nd d stuffs togeda and post them here.

  4. boerbull says:

    Seun’s friend. Reading this give ur life to Jesus now or u will end up like ur friend . Don’t date any guy cos of money.. Or his comfortable life style.. I know sa the way seun ended her journey can’t change una mind.. So my advice is be careful when dealing with yahoo boys.. Enjoy!!!! R.I.P seun..plz hunt this guy down

  5. boerbull says:

    Haaaa 10yrs relationship. U r very wicked oh..u fucked her for free for 10yrs with no guarantee sa u go marry am. U re a wicked boiy. Na so u poor reach? U jst wan useless her market for her real husband ..nija bois re mad

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tears in my eyes…. This is just too much Seun! Seun! Seun! It shouldn’t be you º°˚˚˚°ºO u left this wicked world so soon, the last time I saw you few weeks back you were looking so beautiful nd healthy not knowing that would be the very last time, May God grant you eternal rest and have mercy on you nd forgive your sins! Amen

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dis world is wicked …..it shldnt be seun

  8. davis.08093321460 says:

    Omg! Buh sincrly u gals mst learn form dis! Shebi u gals want money ni? Den dos guys jst started wit u! Stupid gals. Dats hw mai EX gal dump mi for a rich guy.10yrs relatnship. Seriously I dnt pity u gals again. Fuck u all.mak dem use u all for ritual nah ur probz! Fuck u! Weldon jawe bt dis Ȋ̝̊̅§ bad mehn!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Omg! Buh sincrly u gals mst learn form dis! Shebi u gals want money ni? Den dos guys jst started wit u! Stupid gals. Dats hw mai EX gal dump mi for a rich guy.10yrs relatnship. Seriously I dnt pity u gals again. Fuck u all.mak dem use u all for ritual nah ur probz! Fuck u! Weldon jawe bt dis Ȋ̝̊̅§ bad mehn!

  10. maxx says:

    The love of money……. Lucifer act, it’s good to be religious @least evill act will stop if u’re wit GOD. Hmmm otafa soke yido bori , boba aye ori’e torun nwo’e ….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hw dis life is goin sef? Ah i fear girls o they wl nt lyk 2 marry we poor begin God 4 money. They wl lyk 2 marry rich man nd they dnt kwn whr they got there mony frm anyway dis a lesson 4 them. Hummm…… But God save me nd mai family oooooooooo……

  12. fakemania..... says:

    To hell with the GUY!!, what for?, MONEY OR SOMETHING ELSE?…..FUCK !!!
    @sexeebeecee….yes the guys devilish act is because of money, and the money is because of YOU LADY DEVILS…..
    I know the guy wanna drive nice car, wear Golds, and also live large just because of you DEVILS, stay there and
    claim one SEXEEBEECEE….Don;t get wise…… i know you too love guys with cars on campus……i lie..? FUCK!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    We need the picture of the bf plss

  14. tha nightwolf says:

    Why do nigerian girls like the guyz on top? Top guyz cn be real bad nigga i swer down…i suggest u kill tha dude

  15. sexeebeecee says:

    D guyz delvish z it coz of dz money. Or wat

  16. donald....! says:

    D boy friend don go use am do yahoo yahoo!!!

  17. eni says:

    What a̶̲̥̅ wicked world! *sobs*

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